Sunday, March 7, 2010

The arrival of Nickelby Pip

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Nickelby At Darnum with visitors getting out and about in West Gippsland after a long summer.
We are busy gearing up for our Palate of Passions event, "A Taste of Alpaca" on March 21st and this long weekend I have been busy working out at Lardner Park at our Harvest of Gippsland event which was a great day. In its 8th year it is now all under cover so if you missed it this year then put the first Sunday in March in your diary and come along. Ross Wilson was great!

During the middle of the day my mother called who was looking after my shop/cafe/farm at Nickelby At Darnum to say we had a baby!!! She didn't know who it belong to and as none were due right now, neither did I! So I raced home to see and it was Mattie's baby and she had a little boy who we have called Nickelby Pip. As many of you might know all my babies have names from the arts and literature and as Mattie's first baby, who is also a boy, was called Bunty from Seven Little Australians as he was a little tough character and Bunty had a pretty rough arrival into the world, then it stood that the next in the "family" should be from the same story and so as a boy, it had to be Bunty's older brother, Pip.

This is is first day in the world and he already has his mum running around after him. See the photos of Pip and his exhausted mother I have just taken this afternoon. It looks like it will rain again this afternoon so it will be back on with the driz-a-bone coat and another night in the shed.

Stay tuned for stories of Pip as the weeks progress because there are another three babies due within the next 6-8 weeks!!!!