Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A busy November

Well it is nearly the end of November and the weather is finally hotting up. It would seem that we have gone straight from Winter to Summer and completely missed my favourite season of the year; Spring. Spring is such a wonderful time, the hint of the warmer days to come, the blossoms blooming, the grass growing and the cattle fattening. But never mind, I am very lucky to live in a beautiful part of Victoria so every day really is beautiful. Well as the title says "A Busy November". As we all start to rush towards thinking about Christmas we finally have sorted out our online shop but don't think when you look at it that these are the only products we sell. It is a huge job setting up a site and it now means that I run two shops but I can promise you there will always be more available in the bricks and mortar by way of garments than on line mainly due to the issues around the sizing of ladies clothing - really need to try it on! The other big milestone we pass each November is alpaca shearing. This year our day went off seamlessly with a band of helpers and a happy shearer which is always a good thing. We started at my farm at 7am and sheared 43 alpacas and 3 very fat sheep and then moved onto two other farms so it was a long day in the end and I am always glad when it is over, all the animals are back in their paddocks with shelter or whatever they need and I can put my feet up with a glass of wine. Little Nickelby Gatsby and Nickelby Darcy had a huge day. Not only did they get shorn, they had their brass ear tags put in their ears and they left their mums to go and live with the big boys. I am pleased to announce that they have settled in very well but do look rather funny as they are so much smaller than the others but they are holding their own. The other exciting development is that we are dying our own yarn now using 100% alpaca and having a great time playing around with colours. These are available instore and some come on line. They are great for freeform work or scrumbling as it is also know or to put trims on jumpers or to knit up a hat for next Winter.
This one I have called Dusk and is available on line and in store

Well that is about it for November so good luck with getting ready for Christmas and I plan to blog again before then xx

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